Understanding diabetes 101 what does fast food do to diabetics

Diabetes can strike a person at any age. Even young children can get afflicted with diabetes due to heredity or other factors and this is known as type 1 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes usually occurs in older people and can be caused by obesity, a faulty pancreas or again due to heredity. If you are a patient of either types of diabetes, you will need to maintain an altered diet that helps your body in fighting diabetes rather than aiding the disease. If you like to eat fast food, then you will certainly need some help in understanding diabetes 101 what does fast food do to diabetics.

While type 1 diabetes will most certainly require regular insulin shots for the rest of your life, type 2 diabetes might require insulin shots or only insulin regulating tablets, if the blood sugar count is not very high. The diet that you follow will also play a large part in controlling both forms of diabetes since blood sugar levels rise significantly after each meal and your aim should be to keep them under control and also ensure that the meals provide the required energy to complete your daily activities. The meals should also be tasty since you might not be able to eat the same bland food day after day. You can safely eat most vegetables that are available in your local grocery store. You should however, replace red meat from your diet with white meat such as grilled chicken.

The main problem arises when you try to eat fast food. Meals that contain red meat, cheese, mayonnaise, butter or fried chicken contain high levels of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and in some cases sugar. These get converted into glucose very fast and the result is that in the minutes or hours after your meal, your blood sugar levels might rocket outside the safe zone. This could be bad for your health since after a few hours it might plummet down again. In the long run, these food products could accumulate as fat and make you obese, cause blood pressure problems and create a barrier in processing insulin by your body. Regular fast food will surely cause a problem in the short and long run.

Cats and dogs too suffer from diabetes and the symptoms and treatment too is quite similar. Although they might not eat hamburgers or pizzas, their diet will still need to be monitored and any moist or dry food will need to have low levels of carbohydrates, sugar, fat and sodium and adequate amount of protein and fiber. In your own case, you will certainly need to follow the food pyramid guide and the food exchange guide so that you can swap food items that can provide you with high energy and yet remain safe and tasty.

When eating fast foods, pay close attention to the menus that have the nutritional values printed on the side of each item and if possible ask the chef to remove salad dressings and toppings, cheese, butter or other high carbohydrate and fatty items from your dishes before serving them to you. If the values are not printed then you will need to calculate it yourself before you plan to order any food products. You should also locate a list of all items that need to be strictly avoided if you have diabetes from any health book or on the Internet.

If you cannot avoid eating fast food dishes, at least ensure that all the items that are rich in carbohydrates and fats are either removed or replaced with healthier options. There are some stores in places such as Langley, etc, that sell specially made products that are safe for diabetics. Similarly there are some companies that manufacture and sell special diabetic food for dogs and other canin. But the simple answer is in understanding diabetes 101 what does fast food do to diabetics before you plan to visit any fast food restaurant or takeaway.