Free blood glucose tester – make sure you monitor levels regularly

Leaving Diabetes and high blood glucose untreated for long can lead to severe complications like kidney damage, nerve damage, etc. Diabetics need to plan and manage their diet, exercises and medication necessary to keep diabetes under control. As a part of diabetes management, doctors would advice regular blood testing, almost 3 to 4 times a day. As such blood glucose testers are available for home monitoring. The consumables like test strips are regularly required and that can prove to be pretty costly. However, many manufactures and sellers offer free blood glucose tester under some scheme if you are buying one of the consumables, often the test strips. That can reduce the financial burden and high costs associated with the disease.

Free blood glucose tester

Free blood glucose testers are available but that is mostly to promote other products and consumables. Often you can find blood glucose meters offered free if you are buying a certain number of test strips. There may be some conditions but most individuals can get the free testers. Diabetics with Type I and Type II diabetes are eligible. The companies may only require you to be citizens of some countries like United States, UK, and Canada etc. For validation they may request for phone number. Patients may need to be under the Medicare Coverage.

You may find many websites with such offers for free testers and their reviews. There are sites like where companies put up interesting free blood glucose tester schemes. You may get a free blood glucose tester from Accu-chek if you buy maybe 300 test strips from them from the website. Some membership websites also offer free meters to members joining before a certain date or even if they are joining some premium membership plan. Patients or their healthcare providers or members related to diabetics may request for free blood glucose testers. There could be certain criterion that may have to be satisfied.

Sometimes manufacturers of monitoring equipment may offer free blood glucose monitors during launch of a new product. The meters offered may have latest features like over sized numbers that make reading it easier for patients with visual limitations. They may offer meters with features that show trends for a given period of time, calendar function to view a daily history or displaying the daily highs and lows of measurements etc. They are in no way old meters or meters with lesser features. Often latest ones are offered to promote them to all.

Companies have such scheme going throughout the year. Free blood glucose tester can be great relief financially as well as physically. You simply need to keep your eyes open. Regularly monitor your blood glucose levels and do not put it away to another day just because the consumables cost more. Regular monitoring is step to avoid or prolong complications related to high blood glucose levels, diabetes and hypoglycemia.

If you are diabetic and are looking for good blood glucose meters then you can surely try to find the free blood glucose meters on offer. Free blood glucose meters are of equally good quality and come in interesting offers. Ensure that you monitor blood glucose levels regularly. Maintain a log book of the vital information to keep track of your program. Ensure that your diabetes management plan succeeds.